About IARR

The International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) is an interdisciplinary organization that strives to (a) promote advances in the scientific study of personal and social relationships, and (b) encourage collaboration among students, new scholars and experienced scholars. IARR resulted from the integration of two prior organizations (the International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships, the International Network on Personal Relationships) and has worked to maintain the high standards set by each organization.


IARR members represent a broad range of disciplines, such as family studies, psychology, communication, sociology, child/lifespan development, gerontology, education, clinical work (e.g., counseling, therapy), philosophy, and anthropology. As a non-profit organization, IARR encourages cooperation among social scientists worldwide and supports the application of research findings in bettering individuals' relationships.


To learn more about IARR, please visit our association's website.


Main conferences are held biannually, rotating between North American and international locations. In off-years, mini-conferences are held related to specific themes. If you are interested in hosting a future IARR conference, feel free to contact us!