Abstract Submission Instructions

The submission portal for abstracts is open, and the deadline for submissions is January 14th at 11:59pm in the last time zone on earth. Presenters will be required to submit two abstracts: (a) a shorter abstract consisting of no more than 100 words, to be used for the conference program and (b) a longer abstract consisting of no more than 350 words, to be used for review/evaluation purposes. Priority will be given to papers that have completed data collection prior to abstract submission. An individual may be a presenting/first author on one submission only.


The descriptions of the various presentation formats for IARR Brighton 2019 Mini-Conference (July 18-21 2019) are below. If you are ready to enter your abstract, click the Submit Abstracts button to begin.

Information for Individual Talks and/or Poster Submissions

When submitting a single abstract, you will be asked to indicate whether you prefer: (a) an oral presentation (i.e., either a regular talk or data blitz talk) or (b) poster or (c) either.

Single Paper Sessions

Single paper sessions allow submitters to have their abstract considered as an oral presentation without having to put together a full symposium. Submissions for single paper sessions will be reviewed and then grouped into 75-minute sessions with 3-4 other single papers on a similar topic.

Data Blitz Sessions

Similar to single paper sessions, data blitz sessions provide an opportunity for submitters to have their abstract considered as an oral presentation. However, data blitz sessions will consist of 10-12 rapid fire presentations. Presenters will have 5 minutes to describe the very best of their research. These sessions allow attendees to hear about a broader scope of scientific findings in a single session. 

Poster Sessions

The conference will have several poster sessions, which offer attendees opportunity to see the latest research being conducted around the world.

Information for Organized Symposia Submissions

Individuals wishing to submit an organized symposium for consideration will be asked to submit a symposium description of no more than 350 words summarizing  the theme of the symposium, along with the short and long abstracts for each of the individual talks in the session.

A symposium may have up to 5 speakers. If you include a discussant, that counts towards the 5. In other words, you may submit 4 papers and 1 discussant or you may submit 5 papers with no discussant.

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