Keynote Address: Birgit Schyns

  • 11:30 am To 12:30 pm on July 19, 2019
  • Terrace Room Bramber House

Good and Bad Relationships in the Workplace

In this presentation, I will focus on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) relationships. We know from previous research and theory that good quality relationship between a leader and his/her followers are related to positive outcomes in the workplace (e.g., Martin et al., 2016). Particularly, LMX researchers recommend focusing on LMX excellence: a good relationship quality that both leader and follower agree on and that is shared across a team (Schyns & Day, 2010). Recently, research has become more focused on antecedents of LMX to be able to support leaders and followers as well as organisations in building these positive relationships. In this presentation, I will focus on several specific antecedents of positive (and negative) LMX relationships, mainly focusing on personality but also on team characteristics. For example, span of control (size of the group) has been linked to lower LMX quality relationships but leader personality can possibly mitigate those effects (Schyns et al., 2012). One important characteristic in this context is attachment style (e.g., Kafetsios et al, 2014; Maslyn et al., 2017), which can directly influence LMX relationships but also influence the extent to which a leader can manage many good quality LMX relationships. Finally, I will discuss the possible effects of leader narcissism on LMX relationship (e.g., research into narcissism and relationships, Kuefner et al., 2013).