Managing Workplace Email Workshop

  • 9:30 am To 11:00 am on July 19, 2019
  • Terrace Room Bramber House

Managing Work-Email

Although work-email is now a relatively old technology, in 2018, more than 281 billion work email were sent each day, and in a 2017 US study 86% of professionals named email as their favourite communication tool. Work-email continues to proliferate working life, and the actions that we use to deal with it have implications for our well-being, productivity and goal achievement. In this workshop, Emma will present some of her research into work-email activity, and will also ask delegates to reflect on their own use of work-email, in an interactive workshop. Delegates will be considering how email is used under different categories, and how this impacts stress, work performance and relationships with others. Using a socio-material approach, we will be considering the cultural, technological and personal influences on work-email activity. By the end of the workshop we hope to have used an evidence-based approach to (i) pose future research questions of interest, and (ii) have produced our own guide to inform our ‘better use of work-email’.