Poster Session 1 and Opening Reception

  • 5:00 pm To 6:00 pm on July 18, 2019
  • Terrace Room Bramber House

Heterosexist Microaggressions in Public Spaces: An Observational Study

The topic of microaggressions has been of recent interest in LGBTQ research. Numerous studies have investigated perceptions of microaggressions and

How Positive and Negative Relationships in the Research Lab Impact Undergraduate Biology Student Persistence

It is unclear what causes biology students to persist in undergraduate research and what factors cause them to leave prematurely.

Internet-based Boundary Crossings with Therapy Clients: Factors that Affect Therapists’ Attitudes and Behaviors

This study investigates factors that affect therapists’ ethical attitudes about or engagement in four Internet-based boundary crossings with clients: Online

Narcissism and Empathy in Healthcare Professionals

Scant research has explored narcissism levels in healthcare populations. Narcissists lack empathy but can be empathic. Empathy is important for

The Effects of Emoji Use on Interpersonal Evaluations and Reflected Appraisal

We assessed how emoji use affects individuals’ perceptions of others and perceptions of how others view the self (reflected appraisal).

There's No I in Team: The Influence of Narcissism on Team Processes and Organisational Outcomes

This online study examines how different aspects/traits of narcissism predict engagement in a range of team-related behaviours, and the impact

WeTube: One-Sided Social Media Relationships and the Needs They Fulfil

Social relationships positively contribute to mental health and wellbeing, and also fulfil different emotional needs, for example, we utilise different

Why do Extrinsically-Motivated Youth Experience Greater Distress?

Extrinsic values focus on attaining external rewards that are contingent on the reactions of others. The present study predicted

Signifiance of Life Values in a Relationship: A Detailed Analysis of the Teenage Population

Understanding of values is essential in every one’s life. They shape the personality of the individual. Teenagers are seen perplexed

Facebook Addiction, Romantic Relationship Passion and School Work Engagement: A Dualistic Model of the Passion Perspective

This study examines the role of Facebook addiction in the romantic relationship passion and schoolwork engagement. A total of (N

Generational Differences in Perceptions of Emoji Use in Text Messages

We investigated how emoji use affects perceptions of responsiveness and authenticity in text messages for two different age groups, younger