Poster Session 2 and Lunch

  • 12:30 pm To 1:30 pm on July 19, 2019
  • Terrace Room Bramber House

A Matter of the Heart: Romantic Couple Functioning and Cardiovascular Activity in Young Adults’ Everyday Lives

Although it is well-established that close relationships contribute to long-term health, considerably less is known about the day-to-day processes that

Attachment Security Priming with Children and Young People

This study explores whether activating a mental representation of a secure attachment figure (attachment security priming) can help to improve

Beliefs about Finding a Partner Through Online Dating, One's Social Network, and in Everyday Activities

People’s beliefs about finding a partner in three different settings were examined. A large sample of single adults completed a

Emotion Regulation and Social Anxiety in Romantic Relationships

Intimate relationship functioning and mental well-being are inherently linked; thus, for those with mental illness, such as social anxiety (SA),

The Dyadic Health Influence Model: How Relationships Affect Health Behavior

In the Dyadic Health Influence Model (DHIM), we integrate relationships science and health psychology research into a broader framework. The

The Influence of Attachment Insecurity on the Benefits of Nostalgia

Nostalgia provides benefits for individuals such as boosting attachment security, self-identity, social connectedness and meaning in life. Previous research has

Associations Between Perceived Injustice, Unforgiveness, and Psychological Wellbeing Among Ex-Communicants

In this study, we explored a possible route through which excommunication—an institutionalized form of ostracism used as a sanction in

Why Are You Copying? The Effects of Interpersonal Closeness on Nonverbal Mimicry During Face-to-Face Interactions

The positive social consequences of mimicry have been vastly accepted, and it is often considered a ‘social glue’ in interpersonal

Subjectivity and Gender: Experiences of Mining Couples in Chile

In this study seeks to understand, from a gender perspective, the experiences of mining couples in Chile, especially the negotiation

Relational Resilience Resources in Long-Distance Relationships

We aimed to investigate marital long-distance relationship (LDR) partners’ resources of relational resilience through a qualitative phenomenological design. The study

Do We Gain from Our Partner's Pain? Schadenfreude in Relationships

Schadenfreude is an emotional reaction defined as taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. We investigated experiences of schadenfreude within ongoing relationships,