Poster Session 2 and Lunch

  • 12:30 pm To 1:30 pm on July 19, 2019
  • Terrace Room Bramber House

A Matter of the Heart: Romantic Couple Functioning and Cardiovascular Activity in Young Adults’ Everyday Lives

Although it is well-established that close relationships contribute to long-term health, considerably less is known about the day-to-day processes that

An Exploratory Study to Examine ‘Ghosting’ as a Relationship Dissolution Strategy in Interactions through Dating Apps

Conversations on dating apps can start and end with similar ease. If a user suddenly disengages all contact without explanation,

Attachment security priming with children and young people

This study explores whether activating a mental representation of a secure attachment figure (attachment security priming) can help to improve

Beliefs about Finding a Partner Through Online Dating, One's Social Network, and in Everyday Activities

People’s beliefs about finding a partner in three different settings were examined. A large sample of single adults completed a

Emotion Regulation and Social Anxiety in Romantic Relationships

Intimate relationship functioning and mental well-being are inherently linked; thus, for those with mental illness, such as social anxiety (SA),

Exploring the longitudinal relationship between adult attachment orientations and mindfulness and the efficacy of security priming and a mindfulness induction

Research has highlighted significant relationships and overlaps between adult attachment and mindfulness. However, the degree of stability of the relationship,

The Dyadic Health Influence Model: How relationships affect health behavior

In the Dyadic Health Influence Model (DHIM), we integrate relationships science and health psychology research into a broader framework. The

The influence of attachment insecurity on the benefits of nostalgia

Nostalgia provides benefits for individuals such as boosting attachment security, self-identity, social connectedness and meaning in life. Previous research has

The Need to Belong, Loneliness, Unforgiveness, and Injustice Among Ex-Communicants

In this study, we explored a possible route through which excommunication—an institutionalized form of ostracism used as a sanction in

Why are you copying? The effects of interpersonal closeness on nonverbal mimicry during face-to-face interactions

The positive social consequences of mimicry have been vastly accepted, and it is often considered a ‘social glue’ in interpersonal

Subjectivity and Gender: Experiences of Mining Couples in Chile

In this study seeks to understand, from a gender perspective, the experiences of mining couples in Chile, especially the negotiation